‘Clicktivism’ talk at 6 Billion Ways

Here is the presentation from my talk at 6 Billion Ways, you can make it full screen and explore by clicking on items and zooming in and out (a scroll wheel is handy). Or use the controls in the bottom right corner to follow a pre-defined path.

If it doesn’t seem to be working here, try the external link to prezi.com.

3 thoughts on “‘Clicktivism’ talk at 6 Billion Ways

  1. Cheers, Tom. No audio I’m afraid – struggling to find an efficient way to attach audio to presentations. Any suggestions for good, free, screencasting software would be great!

  2. Kevin, brilliant presentation – real shame I couldn’t see it on the day, but from the sounds of things the whole session was really interesting. However, I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to give another presentation without feeling completely disheartened at the lack of interactive animation and mad graphics you’ve got going on there!

    Thanks for taking part,


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