Update on ECHR ruling on Terrorism Act stop and search powers

While ECHR’s judgment as described below seemed pretty final, the Labour government still attempted a final appeal – asking for the case to be heard in the ‘Grand Chamber’ (i.e. throwing another few ECHR judges in to the pot). They didn’t have any new arguments or grounds for appeal though and so today I heard that the ECHR has refused the government request. Labour were probably trying to kick it into the long grass until after the election, knowing that it would soon be somebody else’s problem. The judgment should hopefully ensure that the shiny new coalition government’s review of civil liberties should have section 44 high on the agenda, along with the raft of other shameful laws that Labour introduced in its muddle-headed, knee-jerk reactions to  the terrorist threat. They will be getting continuing pressure from the Police and other security services to keep these easy to use laws, of course, so its still important, at any opportunity, to support the call for the return of our fundamental civil liberties. Liberty have a few ideas on how to do that; making a donation to the Civil Liberties Trust would also help.