Active Learning for Active Citizenship South Yorkshire (ALACSY)

ALACSY Website ScreenshotThis Home Office funded project uses its website for communication with a wide range of stakeholders including staff, potential students, policy makers, and other organisations in the adult education sector. It is more than simply a shop window, however. The richly featured content-management system on which it is based allows integrated content authorship and editing. Staff are encouraged to frequently write reflections on their own teaching work. Customisations to the CMS allow workflow management through an interactive workplan display and editing system. This site is based on the open-source CMS, Mambo (now known as joomla).

My involvement in the website has included:

  • Installing Mambo and the required mySQL database on the server.
  • Customising Mambo installation to manage appropriate features for the website.
  • PHP scripting for unique workplan editing system.
  • Major template modifications using HTML and CSS.
  • Continuing maintenance of the site.
  • Editorial work on content.
  • Staff training to enable colleagues to update the site.